The First Draft Of Anything Is Sh*t

As Ernest Hemingway famously said- the first draft of anything is shit.


A doctor by profession with a passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. The girl with the over flowing wardrobe yet with nothing to wear. Lover of white, marble interiors and generally anything in grey scale.

This has been a few years in the making, always having the idea but pushing it aside as there was never enough time (excuses, excuses).

I’m starting as a creative outlet, a hobby if you may, to rant and talk about all things that I love. On this blog you’ll find a mixture of fashion, beauty with a little lifestyle thrown in for good measure. I love to travel when time permits and would love to share my experience with you.

These are best experienced with a good snack and a coffee (or a cup of tea) in hand. Sit back, relax and lets chat!



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